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Tampa Bay Dogs Heading to Puppy Bowl


Two Tampa Bay rescue dogs have been selected to participate in this year’s Puppy Bowl XX, an event that features dogs eagerly awaiting their forever homes, along with over 100 other canines. It is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, Feb. 11, on Animal Planet.

Rescue dogs from Tampa Bay to Compete in 2024 Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl is a beloved annual event showcasing a multitude of adorable pups from various regions across the country. This year, viewers will encounter at least two rescue puppies from the Tampa Bay region – a canine named Maisey and a dog named Kalani.

St. Petersburg non-profit, Compassion Kind, rescued Maisey in 2023. Founder of Compassion Kind, Aja Nikiya Estro, said, “During Puppy Bowl, she would just sit and pose in the cutest ways, and I think her pictures really just stole their hearts.”

They further elaborate that they often come across cases involving dogs on the streets or experiencing abuse. Maisey is one of the dogs they rescued from the streets. 

Maisey’s journey has taken a delightful turn, transitioning from the streets to basking in her newfound stardom. Compassion Kind facilitated her submission to Puppy Bowl. Subsequently, she joined “Team Ruff” this year. 

Nikiya Estro stated, “It’s a really good opportunity to highlight these shelter and rescue dogs that are looking for homes.”

Maisey played a supportive role in the “big game,” filmed in Oct. 2023. Nikiya Estro explained, “She was a little shy and didn’t exactly want to play with the football.” 

Fortunately, Maisey has been adopted since October, and she now lives with Candace Fennel in St. Petersburg. 

Before Maisey found her forever home, her name was Nora. So, this Sunday, during the Puppy Bowl, be sure to watch out for her on Team Ruff.

Additionally, another Compassion Kind dog Kalani will be participating, too. Kalani was also adopted shortly after the Puppy Bowl by one of the show’s producers.

However, the team at Compassion Kind emphasized that Maisey and Kalani symbolize the numerous dogs still in need of loving homes across the Bay Area.


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