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Swim in Algae-Covered Lake Transforms Dog Into the Hulk


On Oct. 1, a dog owner from Nottingham, England, had an unexpected surprise rivaling any superhero’s adventure. Embarking on an impromptu escapade, Louise Furlow’s beloved Boxer dog, Cali, decided to take a sudden plunge into a lake filled with algal blooms. The outcome? The adorable pup emerged from the algae-covered lake while donning a remarkable resemblance to the Hulk, the green Marvel superhero who is renowned for his scary temper.

Thankfully, Cali’s canine transformation wasn’t accompanied by the violent desire to “SMASH!” like her comic-book counterpart. Instead, it turned her into a green-tinged icon on TikTok overnight, according to Fox-11 News in Los Angeles.  

Dog’s daring leap into algae-covered lake induces heroic transformation 

According to Yahoo News, the hilarious spectacle began when Cali decided to chase after her favorite ball. Consequently, her mini adventure led her to venture into an algae-covered lake. Little did she know, however, that her plunge would lead to an instantaneous metamorphosis. 

As the mini canine cosplaying a superhero emerged from the water, she was greeted by peals of laughter. While capturing this comical transformation, Louise Furlow couldn’t resist but share a video of her beloved Hulk dog with the world. 

Despite that, Louise’s momentary giggles did not stop her from taking immediate precautions for the sake of her beloved dog. While uploading the footage of Cali’s brilliant green face on Tiktok, Louise reassured audiences, saying, “Don’t worry, I quickly made her go in clean water to get it all off.” 

Algal blooms can have serious repercussions  

Cali’s comic incident soon became a funny memory to reminisce about and laugh at. However, if not for Louise’s timely intervention, the situation could have easily taken a wrong turn. While nowhere near as potent as the gamma rays that had affected the actual Hulk, algae in lakes can often become hazardous for pet dogs and cats.

Most algal blooms harbor toxins. Many of these toxins can pose health risks for animals who ingest them. Additionally, they can cause irritation, rashes, and many other problems if they come into contact with a dog’s skin. 

So, as entertaining as Cali’s brief stint might have been, it serves as a gentle warning for all pet owners. Exercise caution when allowing your precious pooches to explore water bodies — particularly when algae is visibly present. 

Louise’s quick thinking showed how the safety and well-being of our pets should always be of utmost importance, even in moments of unexpected hilarity.


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