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Sweet Senior Shelter Dog Has Spent Years Awaiting a Home


A heartrending tale unfolds in North Carolina, where a dog endured an extended stay of 650 days at a shelter. Despite the prolonged wait, hope flickered as the sweet soul found a home. However, the 12-year-old Pit Bull was soon returned to the shelter’s care. 

North Carolina shelter dog still awaiting her forever home

In North Carolina, the plight of a senior dog has come to light. As per K104.7 FM, Chiquitita is a 12-year-old Pit Bull who has remained at the Watauga Humane Society for 650 days. She found a temporary solace in adoption before she had to return to the shelter. 

Chiquitita first arrived at the shelter in Boone, North Carolina, in 2002. The white Pit Bull found a permanent home after a long wait. However, circumstances beyond her control led to her return. 

Despite her age, she remains an avid seeker of affection, finding joy in leisurely walks, gentle kisses, and comforting cuddles. 

Watauga Humane Society’s Facebook page reveals a collection of charming photographs of Chiquitita. The adorable dog has received plenty of likes and comments on the platform. Accompanying her images is a post that talks about how every pet deserves a fitting home. 

In addition, the post also acknowledges the existence of mismatches. It’s apparent that the adopter of this beloved canine was not the ideal match, as the post indicates. 

The Facebook post also expresses that Chiquitita’s happiness should be a priority despite her advancing age. Since she has some arthritis issues, it is necessary for her to be the sole pet in the house. They are hoping she will find a Valentine’s Day companion she rightfully deserves.

So, the shelter is seeking urgent assistance for this lovable pup so that the remainder of her life is spent in a loving home instead of a shelter.

For those seeking further information, you can explore Watauga Humane Society’s Facebook page. 


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