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Stray Puppy Delivered by DoorDash Driver in Massachusetts


A DoorDash driver rescued a stray puppy wandering the streets in Andover, Massachusetts. On a routine delivery run, the unidentified driver spotted the canine and took swift action to ensure the dog’s safety. Upon noticing the pup, the driver promptly approached a nearby residence, believing it might belong to the occupants, in an effort to reunite the lost dog with their family.

Stray puppy currently in police’s care as they await owner to show up

The driver was completing a delivery on Acorn Drive when he noticed the stray puppy, as CBS Boston reports. Subsequently, he knocked on the door of a nearby residence as he presumed that the dog belonged to the occupants. However, the dog wasn’t theirs, and they said that they would try to find the owner through social media. 

Since the family contacted the police and brought the dog in, the pup is under the care of Officer Katie Kozikowski. Currently, authorities are actively searching for the rightful owner of the puppy. 

In addition, the puppy has an injury to one of her front legs. However, it remains unclear whether it is recent or congenital. Upon arrival, she lacked both a microchip and a collar, and thus far, no one has come forward to claim her. 

Officer Kozikowski said, “It’s surprising to me that if someone was missing a 10-12-week-old puppy, they haven’t contacted anyone yet.”

Continuing, she added, “Her front right leg, she wasn’t able to put any pressure on it. It doesn’t seem extremely painful right now, which is good.”

Following protocol, the puppy will stay at the police station for seven days, allowing her owner an opportunity to step forward. Subsequently, she will transition to foster care before commencing the search for a permanent home. 

In another incident in May 2023, a DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok. She claimed that she got a Pit Bull puppy while she was delivering a customer’s package. 


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