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Stray Dogs Destroy Cars at Texas Auto Dealership

A car dealership in Harris County, Texas, is dealing with major losses after two stray dogs destroyed at least five of their cars, ABC13 Houston reports.

G Motors fell victim to the destructive stunts of the two canines, who left damage ranging from $100,000 to $350,000. Surveillance footage obtained by the news outlet showed the dogs ripping fenders and bumpers, as well as leaving unsightly bites and scratches on the cars. 

Shockingly, this was not a one-off incident. The dogs wreaked havoc on the vehicles overnight on three separate occasions between Nov. 6 and Nov. 18. Gaby Fakhoury, the dealership’s sales manager, expressed his shock, saying, “You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that.” 

Initially, staffers at G Motors thought a wolf was behind the costly mess, given the extent of the damage. It was only after viewing the premises’ CCTV footage that they discovered who the real culprits were.

Houston Police Department says they can’t help

In response to the terrifying incidents, G Motors promptly filed reports with the Houston Police. Unfortunately, the authorities explained that the issue was a civil matter. For this reason, law enforcement couldn’t intervene unless the dogs attacked someone. 

Instead, police advised the dealership to hire a private investigator to help track the dogs’ rightful owner. Thereafter, the company could pursue legal action, if an owner of the dogs even exists. 

A disappointed Fakhoury revealed his employees are still shaken following the recurring attacks. He stated, “Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office. They’re so scared.”

The dealership strongly believes the destructive canines accessed their already-fenced premises through a small gap underneath the fence.

In addition to worrying about the safety and well-being of staff, Fakhoury fears potential clients might now be hesitant to visit the location. As a result, the dealership is working on relocating to a new site as early as next month. 

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