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Stray Dog Rescued, Trained to Help People With Disabilities


A stray dog rescued from the Indianapolis roadside is now on her way to help people with disabilities. The pup recently completed training to become a service dog.  

Indiana couple rescued stray dog from interstate

According to Fox 59, on May 14, police responded to a dog wandering along I-65. Troopers Joe Malone and Walter Butt tried to rescue the dog from the high-traffic area, but failed.

Then, a couple of good Samaritans, Daniel and Penni Moulder, came along. They were driving and wondered why traffic was slowing down. They saw a state trooper vehicle with its lights on, slinking down the road. Then, the Moulders noticed the large dog running between the lanes along a concrete barrier. The couple pulled their car over to help. The Moulders successfully corralled the dog. The officers couldn’t take the dog, so the Moulders took her home. They named her Trooper.

Rescue dog trained to help people with disabilities

After noticing Trooper’s good behavior and smarts, the Moulders contacted Medical Mutts Service Dogs about training Trooper to be a service dog.

According to the organization’s social media profile, the nonprofit is “dedicated to training and rescue dogs as service dogs.” These services dogs work with people experiencing diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric illnesses.

The organization trained Trooper, and the pup officially graduated from the program in October. Now, the canine companion will travel to Kansas to help a couple in need.  

What makes a great service dog

Trooper seems destined for life as a service dog. Could your dog be of use in the same way?

Well, a great service dog must possess a unique combination of traits and qualities that set them apart.

First and foremost, they should exhibit unwavering loyalty and dedication to their handler. They must be highly trainable, mastering a wide range of commands and tasks. These can be tailored to their handler’s specific needs.

Exceptional focus, patience, and a calm demeanor are essential traits that allow service dogs to work effectively in various environments. Empathy and an innate ability to sense their handler’s emotional state are also crucial for providing comfort and support. Reliability, excellent obedience, and the ability to remain calm under pressure complete the package.

These qualities and more make service dogs indispensable companions for people with disabilities.


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