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Stray Dog Finds Forever Home After 866 Days at Shelter


A stray dog is finally settling into his forever home after spending 866 days at the Erie Humane Society in Pennsylvania. The Boxer–Pit Bull mix, named Floyd, arrived at the humane society in April 2021, according to the Erie-Times News.

Humane society ‘tried everything’ to find forever home for stray dog

Floyd was originally picked up by Millcreek Township police as a stray. The dog was in good health overall but was on the skinny side.

“We think he might have been abused by the way he acts when you invade his space, especially men who do that,” Nicole Leone, the executive director of the humane society, told the news outlet. “Also, if you toss a toy toward him, he flinches and doesn’t go after it until it falls.”

Leone and her team “tried everything” to find a forever home for Floyd. He received three months of training before becoming eligible for adoption. Then, the pup appeared on local TV, social media, and even walked the red carpet in a tuxedo at the humane society’s Mutt Gala. Unfortunately, none of those efforts resulted in a new dog parent stepping forward. Instead, Floyd spent almost two years alone in a kennel at the back of the humane society, which has been a no-kill facility since 2015.

“He would sabotage his meet-and-greets with people,” Leone explained. “Floyd got attached to several of us here at the humane society, then when we would leave the room and he would ignore the family who was there to meet him.”

That was, until Floyd met Michele.

Dog mom falls in love with shelter pup

The 65-year-old woman had two dogs cross the rainbow bridge over the previous three years. She saw a video of Floyd thanks to a friend who volunteers at the humane society.

“I didn’t need a dog but I agreed to meet Floyd. Big mistake,” Michele (who did not want her last name published) told the Erie-Times News. “I fell in love with him.”

Michele began taking Floyd for walks. In April, she offered to be his foster mom. Then, Michele contracted COVID-19. It was after that experience that she decided to adopt the stray dog.

“We spent two weeks in bed together and I bonded with him,” Michele said.

Though Michele had never adopted a dog from a shelter before, she realized, “I can’t live my life without this dog.”

She adopted Floyd on Aug. 26, a full 866 days after he first arrived at the humane society. It was the longest time any dog had stayed at the shelter.

But now Floyd has a permanent home, and it appears it’s one filled with love.

“He’s my partner in crime,” Michele said.


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