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Stolen Boston Terrier Reunited With Owner


Days after the stolen Boston Terrier was first taken, a California woman who had been frantically looking for her cherished pup was finally reunited with her 11-year-old dog named Stella.

Stella the stolen Boston Terrier returned to owner

While Stephanie Santos was running errands at the Whole Foods store in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles on Wednesday at around 8 p.m., the Boston Terrier was taken during a blatant robbery. After shattering one of Santos’s car’s windows, the robbers grabbed Stella and fled in an unidentified direction.

Santos was inside the grocery store for about 20 minutes. When she came back to her car, she saw the shattered window and found Stella missing. “I started crying, screaming,” Santos said. “I was hysterical.”

CBS Los Angeles (KCAL News) reported Santos thought Stella was taken because she resembled a French Bulldog. One of the most popular dog breeds, French Bulldogs are frequently stolen due to their high value.

“If you have Stella, please, I hope you’re treating her right, you’re treating her well,” a devastated Santos said last week. Santos also stated that Stella takes medication and is on a strict diet.

“We just want Stella back.”

Although Santos filed a police report, she had difficultly obtaining security footage from the parking lot. Hope grew thin as leads on possible suspects diminished.

“We are willing to do anything and everything — no questions asked — we just want Stella back,” Santos said. Desperate, Santos and her friends shared information on social media. They posted fliers around the city and offered a reward for Stella’s return.

On Saturday, Santos received a text message from an unknown person saying they had Stella. The two met, and the Boston Terrier was safely returned. It has not been reported if there is any information regarding where Stella was initially found.

How to find a lost dog

The joyful reunion was largely due to community efforts and the widespread circulation of information on Stella. It is highly advisable to microchip your pet and make sure your contact information remains updated.

Here are some additional ways to help find a lost dog.


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