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St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Party Hosted by Oklahoma Dog Rescue


A unique celebration has emerged for St. Patrick’s Day, extending beyond the usual human festivities. On Sunday, Mar. 17, Helpless Hounds had a St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Party, an event thoughtfully curated by President Amity Edwards. The dog rescue based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focuses on helping various Hound breeds. 

Dog rescue hosts St. Patrick’s Day party for adoptable puppies

This St. Patrick’s Day, the joyous spirit extends beyond human revelers, as News On 6 reports. President Amity Edwards welcomed holiday enthusiasts to the ongoing festivities at Helpless Hounds St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Party. In addition, she emphasized their focus on hound breeds. 

Amity Edwards, party President, stated, “We take in hounds with the long floppy ears like Bluetick Coonhounds, all the Coonhounds, Bassets, Beagles, and Bloodhounds.”

Nearly twenty-four puppies from three distinct litters eagerly await their ideal matches. Edwards noted, “They’re ready to go to their forever homes, we just continue to work with the adopted until they’re fully vaccinated.”

Additionally, Edwards believes these puppies could be a fortunate addition to the perfect family. The organization facilitates the matchmaking process to some extent. They allow prospective families to spend time with multiple puppies and determine which one truly resonates with their family. 

Conner Geddings, a determined 10-year-old, has set his sights on a particular goal. He aims to persuade his parents to welcome a new puppy into their home.

Despite already having three dogs, he finds the allure of these puppies irresistible. 

Geddings explained, “Because they’re really cute, and this one here’s biting my finger, but all of them here are really cute.”

Helpless Hounds’ Instagram page sent an invitation on Mar. 9, to its followers to attend the party this Sunday.

The puppies may find their forever homes through the party, or simply receive some affection. Regardless, the animal rescue strives to remain a sanctuary for them, offering them love, care, and shelter. 


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