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Spanish Water Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & Facts

If you talk to anyone with a Spanish Water Dog, you’ll often hear them mention how the breed seems to be an ideal mix of playful and affectionate.

As a breed with herding heritage, Spanish Water Dogs are super smart and love to figure out the solution to challenges, so you’ll definitely want to add some interactive toys and training exercises to daily play sessions.

Balancing out the breed’s natural energy and upbeat attitude, Spanish Water Dogs also form very strong and social bonds with the humans they live with. Expect your dog to always want to follow people around and be at the center of any household action. The breed also does well with children and will often seem like your child’s new best friend.

Just remember that Spanish Water Dogs are very social creatures, so be wary of leaving your dog alone for long stretches of the day.

In reward for meeting the needs of the Spanish Water Dog, you’ll find yourself living with a super playful and very affectionate dog who loves to feel like a key part of the family.

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