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Soldiers and Paws of War Hope to Rescue Paralyzed Dog From Middle East


Soldiers in the United States have joined forces with Paws of War, a renowned animal protection organization, for a heartwarming cause. The soldiers’ mission is to rescue a paralyzed dog living in the Middle East. Through this partnership, they aim to provide the disabled canine with a new lease on life in the U.S.

Soldiers working with Paws of War to rescue dog in the Middle East

The U.S. soldiers are on a mission to save a paralyzed dog named Tiny Tammy, who is currently in the Middle East, as per People. The dog, unable to use her hind legs, faces a grim fate without intervention, according to Paws of War. Without urgent aid, her survival in the region is uncertain, the organization said, highlighting the critical need for immediate action to ensure her well-being.

Robert Misseri, the co-founder of the organization, stated, “This is a heartbreaking situation, and we are more than willing to step in and help save Tiny Tammy … She won’t survive if we don’t get her out of there.”

Additionally, he said, “She is living in harm’s way, and every minute counts…The soldiers will not let their hearts and souls leave this baby behind.”

Soldiers discovered the hungry and scared dog beneath an old couch. In the words of U.S. Army Sergeant Jack, “She was shaking with pain, and her eyes were screaming for help.”

Jack and other soldiers have made sure the dog is provided for. However, they have been unsuccessful in bringing her to their base. This is the reason why they partnered with Paws of War to facilitate her relocation to the U.S., ensuring she receives the necessary support and assistance for her well-being.

Their endeavor to relocate Tammy to the U.S. is a financially demanding mission. As a result, they are actively raising the necessary funds for her journey to America. 

At present, the full extent of the dog’s health conditions is unknown.


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