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Soccer Match Interrupted Twice Due to Dog Poop on Pitch in Penrith, UK

A soccer game at the Castletown Recreation Grounds in Penrith, U.K., was brought to an abrupt halt twice after players encountered dog poop on the pitch.

Unfortunately, dog fouling is a common occurrence on the pitch. The soccer clubs are now pleading with dog owners to exercise responsibility for their dogs’ mess.

Match halted twice so dog poop could be picked

This past weekend, Wetheriggs United FC and Penrith Reserves were busy battling for points when the referee blew the whistle on two separate occasions in response to a foul surprise — dog poop on the pitch.

This is despite a sign at the entrance that says, “No dogs allowed.” Still, irresponsible dog owners continue to let their canines onto the pitch and fail to clean up after them.

Urgent call for responsible dog ownership

Following the foul incident, Wetheriggs United FC issued an urgent plea requesting dog owners to pick up their dog’s feces and spare their pitch from the mess. The club expressed concern over the health risks associated with unscooped dog poo, as reported by News & Star.

“It is bad behavior from the owners and the health risk it poses — especially for the children who use the grounds,” the soccer club’s representative said. “There is a lot of it around the paths around the industrial estate, the fouling is unbelievable.”

Dog poo carries dangerous fecal pathogens that can cause serious health consequences if someone comes into contact with it. Not to mention, it’s a hazardous environmental pollutant and an obvious eyesore.

Undoubtedly, cleaning up after a dog is one of the most unglamorous aspects of dog ownership. Still, it’s a must-do task for every dog owner. It’s only fair to pick and properly dispose of your dog’s feces for the sake of public health and the environment.

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