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Snoop Dogg Unleashes Pet Product Collaboration With Petco


Snoop Dogg, the rapper who is better known for his endorsement deals these days than for his music, has another collab in the works. This time, he’s taking his moniker seriously and teaming up with Petco for a line of pet products.

Snoop Dogg joins forces with Petco in new collab

The pet retail company announced its partnership with the “Gin and Juice” rapper earlier this month. It’s called Petco Picks by Snoop. The merch includes a line of treats – including canine-friendly peanut butter – as well as toys, accessories, and apparel.

“It takes a Dogg to know a dog,” the company captioned an Instagram video featuring the hip-hop celeb, now known as the Doggfather. In the clip, Snoop Dogg speaks as if from the mind of a pet spoiled by all things Petco.

“Man, I feel good,” he says. “It could be the food I’m eatinn’. No artificials. Or these toys that get my mind right. Or maybe it’s Petco keeping me healthy for less money. Wait. What’s money?”

The tagline for the ad is: “Better quality pet care for less human money.”

Rapper-approved bling for your pets

More social media posts gave shoppers a peek at the items Snoop Dogg deems essential for modern pet parents and their fur babies. He showed off game day attire, essentials for chillaxing at home, and grooming products. One item that excited many online commenters was a dog hoodie with a gold chain. If you like bling, swagger, and over-the-top stuff (like a $65 gold dog bowl), there’s something in Snoop Dogg’s line for you.

In another vid, Snoop Dogg opened up about his role as a dog parent and shared some of his pets’ names: Black Mamba, Petey, Dirty Red, Chris Mo’Cream, Jewels, TayTay.

Regarding the deal with the legendary rapper, Petco’s Chief Marketing Officer Katie Nauman told Fortune that the company wanted “someone who was more than just famous,” to hock their products. She pointed out that Snoop is a pet dad as well as a Petco customer. And, of course, he has that “celebrated reputation as the D-O-double-G, Tha Doggfather himself.”

You can check out all of Snoop Dogg’s pet care picks on the company’s website.


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