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Sniffer Dog Deployed by UK School to Tackle Student Vaping

A sniffer dog will be brought in by City of Norwich School (CNS) — one of Norfolk’s largest schools — as part of their efforts to reduce vape usage among students. The UK school hopes that these stringent measures will discourage vaping. This decision comes in the wake of increasing nationwide worries regarding the amount of children who are using vapes.

Can sniffer dogs smell vapes?

Sniffer dogs, also known as detection dogs, are known for their incredibly heightened sense of smell. This capability enables them to be used in a variety of scenarios including drug detection, bomb detection, and in this case, detecting vapes.

Most vapes or e-cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance that a well-trained sniffer dog can detect. When vape devices are filled with vape juice or e-liquid, they can give off a distinctive smell, especially when used. Sniffer dogs can be trained to detect specific scents including the scent profile of common vape liquids.

Is the UK banning vapes in schools?

On Monday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that plans are in place to prohibit disposable devices in a bid to curb their use amongst youngsters.

The health consequences of these devices are not fully known. Nonetheless, their usage has been linked to behavioral problems in schools, as per the expert warnings.

A representative stated, “As with schools across the country, we recognize the negative impact the use of vapes and other prohibited substances can have on our students, both in terms of their health and the influence it can have on behavior.”

The school is set to bring in the sniffer dog next month, as reported by the Eastern Daily Press. In addition, students will be educated about the possible risks and harmful effects of vaping. This isn’t the first instance of the school using dogs to assist them. A therapy dog is currently working at the school to support student wellbeing.

“To complement this educational drive, we have taken steps to deter the use of unsafe and prohibited items,” the representative further stated.

Vapes are already illegal for sale to individuals under 18. However, authorities caution that children still find ways to obtain these devices. Disposable types, frequently sold in compact, vibrant packaging than the refillable versions, are often their go-to choice.

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