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Sleepy Dog Takes Himself to Bed, Charms TikTok Viewers

We know how much dogs love to sleep. However, watching a sleepy dog take himself to bed when his humans are wide awake will always be funny. This is what happened in a TikTok video that has gone viral on the platform.

Watch as a sleepy dog takes himself to bed

A dog recently surprised both their owner and the internet by independently deciding to call it a night and head to bed after what seemed like a “long and stressful” day. The dog’s owner captured the amusing incident on video and shared it on the social media platform TikTok, showcasing the pet’s spontaneous bedtime routine.

Watch the viral TikTok video here:

In the video, the owner calls out for her furry friend, who seems to be too sleepy to listen to her. “Oh, hey, is it bedtime?” She exclaims as the canine trudges up the stairs, heading in the bedroom’s direction. Meanwhile, the text overlay on the video explains, “Marv decided he was done for the night.”

The pet parent then tries to catch up to her dog, who is determined to reach the bed. She calls after him to no avail, “Sir? Excuse me, sir?”. In addition, the text overlay humorously reads, “He acted like I was trying to reach him about his car’s extended warranty.”

Finally, when she reached the bedroom, she saw him adorably trying to jump on the bed. He seemed adamant about catching up on his beauty sleep. The text changes to “Goodnight everyone,” expressing the dog’s emotions accurately.

TikTok user Marvthemush shared the video on their account, which is about the dog himself. The dog’s name is Marv, and he is a Cane Corso puppy. His sleepy pup video has garnered over 84K views and more than 2K likes.

Furthermore, the comment section of this post is almost as funny as the video itself. One TikTok user, La guzman, says, “He said he CLOCKED OUT! You ain’t paying him enough for overtime?” Another user, Mybutterflies06, writes, “He’s like peace mom! I’m getting my beauty sleep! He’s absolutely precious and a blessing!”

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