Shiba Inu Puppies: Cute Pictures & Facts

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Aren’t Shiba Inu puppies adorable? You’ve probably spotted these dogs’ cute looks before without even realizing it. In fact, they have a face you’ve seen a million times on your Facebook feed: the doge face.

“Such Wow.” “Many cool.” “Much awesome.” The Internet jargon is slapped onto a photo of a fox-like dog in multicolored Comic Sans font. That fox-like dog is the intelligent — and now hilarious — Shiba Inu.

If you feel like you’re needing “much doge” in your life, maybe a Shiba Inu puppy is right for you! Of course, you can find just about any kind of dog through a shelter or rescue, so remember to adopt! Don’t shop!

Here are some things you should know about the internet-famous pups before diving into adoption or rescue research.

They Can Be Challenging To Train

shiba inu puppies playing in grass

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It’s important to start with the cold, hard truth: Shiba Inus are big dogs in a compact dog body.

Originally bred for hunting, Shiba Inus are clever and agile, and they like to get what they want. This includes birds that are hanging out on your backyard fence or the small squirrel across the street.

With a Shiba Inu, even a puppy, you will have to be consistent with your training and always stay one step ahead.

They’re Courageous & Bold

shiba inu puppy in forest

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Alert. Confident. Courageous. While a Shiba Inu puppy may test your patience with aforementioned training, you will earn a vigilant watchdog in exchange.

Shiba Inu puppies also tend to form very strong bonds with their handlers — that’s you! — so the training is extra rewarding.

But They Cry Like Babies

shiba inu puppy fussing

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Have you ever heard a Shiba Inu puppy in distress? Shiba Inus have the distinct characteristic of screaming in an almost human-like way when they’re stressed out.

Things like bath time or getting their nails trimmed could have your Shiba Inu turning into a doggy diva.

They’re The Cleanest Puppies You’ll Ever Meet

shiba inu puppy hiding around column

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Fortunately, the aforementioned grooming scenario won’t have to happen often. Shiba Inus are notoriously clean dogs who don’t need much grooming.

They’re known for licking their paws and grooming themselves much like a cat. Shiba Inus will avoid post-storm puddles and muddy areas — like the divas they are — and they have a self-cleaning coat that repels dirt.

Your Pup Is Part Of An Ancient Breed

puppy and adult shiba inus

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the six original Japanese dogs — the Akita Inu, Kishu Inu, Shikoku Inu, Hokkaido, and Kai Ken — and their lineage goes WAY back.

Shibas are actually the breed most similar to wolves, which suggests that they’re one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds.

While a Shiba Inu can be a challenge to a novice dog parent, the rewards of raising a dog like this far exceed the stresses. They are intensely loyal, smart, and clean pups worth welcoming into your home.

To put it into doge: “Much work. Wow such love.”

Remember, you can find just about any breed of dog you are looking for at a shelter or rescue. You can search DogTime’s adoption page for a Shiba Inu in your area.

Would you adopt a Shiba Inu puppy? Do you have any experience with these adorable pooches? Let us know in the comments below!

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