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Senior Dog Finally Adopted After Spending 700 Days in Shelter


A compassionate Texan woman has adopted a senior dog with special needs. The dog had lived at an animal shelter for over 700 days. Jeanette Finch-Walton, aged 74, decided to welcome a 10-year-old Carolina dog mix into her family, choosing to adopt from Austin Pets Alive. 

Texas woman adopts senior dog after nearly 2 years in shelter

In a heartwarming story, a senior dog who remained for more than 700 days in an animal shelter has found a loving home in Texas, as ABC News reports. Jeanette Finch-Walton made the decision to adopt a 10-year-old Carolina dog mix from Austin Pets Alive.

In addition, Finch-Walton specifically requested a “low energy” senior dog whom she could pamper. This led the shelter staff to introduce her to Beluga, a canine companion with arthritis and specific additional needs. 

Their meeting first took place in February. Subsequently, Finch-Walton initiated the adoption process through the shelter’s foster-to-adopt program. 

Despite requiring extra attention and care, Beluga proved to be the perfect match for Finch-Walton. Moreover, the woman has affectionately renamed him Velcro due to his constant presence by her side. 

Finch-Walton, in a conversation with Austin Pets Alive, has expressed that she wishes her experience of adopting Velcro to serve as an inspiration. She hopes that others will also consider adopting senior dogs and dogs requiring special care. 

Furthermore, the shelter released a statement in which Finch-Walton said, “They deserve love, and they give as much love as they get. They respond to love just as well, if not more than younger dogs.” Continuing, she added, “Velcro has adopted me, I didn’t adopt him, he adopted me. He has chosen me. I’m his mom, and my roommate is his aunt.”

In embracing Velcro, Finch-Walton became a beacon of hope for shelter animals everywhere. Her willingness to provide love and care to a senior dog with special needs serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of adoption.


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