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Selma Blair’s Service Dog Steals the Spotlight at White House

Lately, stories about dogs at the White House have been negative. As most dog lovers know, President Biden is dealing with biting issues with his German Shepherd, Commander. But a new canine companion, Selma Blair’s service dog, recently arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and he totally stole the spotlight.

Service dog gets comfortable during Selma Blair’s White House speech

According to NPR, on Monday, the White House hosted an event honoring the anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act. One of the attendees, actor Selma Blair, spoke at the event on the South Lawn. However, the “Scream 2” star wasn’t the main draw of the festivities. Instead, all eyes were on her English Red Fox Lab, Scout.

The service dog laid down next to her feet during her remarks, and at one point, draped himself over President Biden’s left shoe. Biden looked down at the dog, who was clearly very comfortable, until Blair’s speech concluded.

You can see the adorable moment at 2:16 of this video.

Actor turned disability advocate

At age 46, Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since the 2018 diagnosis, she has been a fervent advocate for people with disabilities. More than 61 million Americans are living with a disability.

“In my own disability advocacy I have realized that these historic pieces of legislation were vital steps towards fairness but the push towards equity continues,” Blair said. “Our laws and policies must reflect that our lives are not of lesser value and in partnership with the disability community the Biden administration is working to do just that – breaking down barriers that exist today in transportation, health care, education, employment, voting and more.”

Scout began helping Blair with mobility issues in 2021. At the time, she announced their partnership on Instagram.

“He is very handsome, and friendly,” Blair wrote. “I am building stamina and coordination with the aid of this special dog and training! I am excited for this time to focus and settle and get out of the house more. I am so happy to have him.”

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