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Search for Missing Houston Woman Continues; Dog Found Miles Away

Authorities in Houston, Texas, are actively searching for a 27-year-old woman who went missing during a routine walk with her dog. Reports say Christina Johnson, a recent graduate, left home on Mar. 6 with her 10-year-old mixed-breed dog and has not been seen since.

Police announced the dog named Max was found last Friday, Mar. 15, about seven miles away from their home. He was wandering all alone during a storm, looking scared and lost.

Search continues for woman who went missing while walking her dog in Texas

According to Daily Mail, Christina’s dad, Emmanuel Johnson, reported her disappearance on Mar. 9, days after she failed to return home. Mr. Johnson revealed Christina often took her dog for walks, and the two would always come back home before the evening.

The distraught father shared he found it “very alarming” when Max was discovered alone since Christina “always has Max with her.”

Unfortunately on that day, Christina did not carry her phone. Moreover, her dad revealed she had been in a “little depressive state” prior to her mysterious disappearance.

Callie Clemens, the woman who found Max, said the exhausted pup was soaking wet and was shaking out of fear. Mr. Johnson shared that ever since Max came home, he’s been acting completely different.

“I think him being out there on his own maybe eight days, so obviously he’s in a rough condition right now,” Johnson explained, adding, “But we are looking forward to getting him groomed. He’s not acting normal. He’s scared almost.” According to Johnson, Max is “a house dog” and has “never been on his own like that.”

Now, the Houston Police Department is carrying out drone searches, hoping to finally spot Christina and reunite her with her loved ones.

“I was just speaking with the detective,” Johnson shared. “They’re getting sightings possibly another ten miles from here,” he added.

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