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Scottish Terrier Intelligence: Are Scotties Smart Dogs?


With its independent spirit and stubborn temperament, the Scottish Terrier might leave you wondering — will they follow commands? Although Scottish Terrier dogs are highly intelligent, these pups can also be stubborn. This could be the reason why they are losing popularity in Britain.

Are Scottish Terriers intelligent dogs?

Don’t be fooled by the Scottish Terrier’s independent streak – these dogs are highly intelligent. While their stubbornness might make training a challenge, their keen minds are very responsive to praise and reward-based methods. This intelligence, combined with their dignified nature and surprising sense of humor, makes them not only excellent watchdogs but also engaging companions.

In addition, the Scottish Terriers’ intelligence makes them quick learners, but their stubborn streak can make training require a special touch. Short, engaging sessions with frequent changes in activity keep them from getting bored. Therefore, focusing on positive reinforcement and rewards will help you build a better relationship with your Scottie. 

When training, you can easily teach these dogs to associate good behavior with rewards and happy interactions as they are adept at understanding human tone. Thus, consistency is crucial. Because of their independent streak, Scotties may try to test your boundaries, so it’s important to be firm and clear in your commands. This will cultivate mutual respect and understanding between the dog and their human.

Additionally, exposing Scottish Terriers to various people, sights, and sounds while young helps curb their territorial instincts. It encourages comfort around strangers. However, their strong prey drive may still make them wary of smaller pets like cats.  Even well-socialized Scotties can sometimes be aloof with other dogs, so managing their interactions might be necessary.

Finally, you must remember that Scotties do not particularly enjoy lengthy training sessions. Hence, you must engage them in short, positive, and enjoyable lessons. This will result in a much more responsive Scottish Terrier. 


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