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Savannah Shelter Dog Gives Blood, Saves a Dog’s Life


You’d think a rescue dog would be in need of saving. However, a rescue dog in Savannah, Georgia, is the one doing the saving. The canine hero extended the life of another rescue pup simply by giving blood.

Dog gives blood to save another pup

Carlton is a 1-year-old Hound mix. He is currently living at Renegade Paws Rescue, where he is available for adoption. Recently, another dog being cared for by the rescue needed blood. The dog, named Breeze, had an intensive exploratory surgery coming up, and needed to increase his red blood cell count.

Executive Director Jennifer Taylor suggested that Carlton be the donor. Despite a “significant” blood draw, Carlton came through spectacularly. Breeze also did well during his surgery, which uncovered why he was bleeding internally. It was only because of Carlton’s donation that his fellow rescue mate survived and is on the mend. According to WSAV News, the dog is eating well and keeping food down.

Breeze’s dog dad, Butch Krishnamurti, is “very grateful to Renegade Paws Rescue and hero dog Carlton for the gift of blood and life,” according to the news outlet.

Heroic dog seeks forever home

Carlton, who was abandoned last year while still a puppy, is seeking a forever home. Until he finds one, the rescue is looking for a foster home. In the meantime, he is staying at Renegade Paws Rescue’s boarding facility called Boop and Board.

The rescue says, “he could really use a home to grow and thrive in, whether it’s a temporary foster or a permanent home.”

Carlton is good with other dogs as well as kids. He’s active, affectionate, and fun. Oh, and he is technically a lifesaver!

Potential foster parents can fill out a foster application here. Make sure to indicate “Carlton” as the dog you want to foster. If you are interested in adopting Carlton, visit this page to apply (and check out his adorable picture gallery). We also encourage you to take a look at the other adorable pups needing homes at Renegade Paws Rescue while you’re there!


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