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San Diego Mom Missing After Trip to Dog Beach


A 37-year-old San Diego mom — Amy D’Angelo — has been missing since her visit to Dog Beach in Ocean Beach on the night of Nov. 22, as per ABC 10News. Missing posters of D’Angelo are now scattered throughout the area, appealing to the community for any information that could help locate her.

D’Angelo’s mother — Becky Obayashi — stated that her daughter had texted her about going for a swim. In addition, Obayashi recounted that the mother of three took an Uber with her dog to Dog Beach the night prior to Thanksgiving. However, come dawn on Thanksgiving Day, police found only D’Angelo’s black Heeler mix and her sweatpants by the seaside. Authorities spotted the dog Charlie standing partway in the water at the shore, appearing to stare out into the ocean.

Charlie is currently residing with Obayashi, in the absence of his owner. Obayashi shared that her daughter has “been swimming at night at the beach with her dog Charlie for quite a while.” Continuing, she added, “We’re of course devastated, especially” because of “the uncertainty.”

Seeking clues in Amy D’Angelo’s disappearance

Obayashi states that she has been unable to obtain information about the Uber ride from the company and noted that the trip to Dog Beach was nothing out of the ordinary. D’Angelo — a former personal trainer — was in the process of training to become a firefighter.

According to Obayashi, D’Angelo is a married woman with children. Moreover, she adds that her daughter had no prior history of running away. Nonetheless, Obayashi opted to file a police report.

A representative for the San Diego Police Department informed the press that, as of now, there are no details they can disclose publicly.

One of D’Angelo’s close friends said that they traced her iPhone to Dog Beach. Despite this, her family and friends have not been able to locate her phone, which now leads directly to voicemail.

“If she were abducted, and if she’s out there, I hope she fights her way out,” Obayashi stated. She hopes someone will spot her daughter, who is easily recognizable by her unique tattoos and recently blonde-dyed hair. Saying, “If anyone saw a person like that, you know that they would remember those tattoos.”


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