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Rush-Hour Drivers Rescue Chihuahua on New York Expressway

A group of drivers recently rescued a Chihuahua, who was spotted running loose on the Staten Island Expressway in New York, reported the Staten Island Advance. According to the dog’s owner, the pup ran away after being frightened by a barking Pit Bull. Katie Marie, a local resident, captured a video of the dramatic rescue mission.

Strangers join forces to rescue Chihuahua on busy roadway

Marie saw a group of drivers chasing the pup, Bean, on the expressway while she was on her way to a local restaurant after work. “When I saw that dog, my instincts just kicked in and the only thing on my mind was to make sure that dog got to safety,” she said.

Subsequently, Marie and another woman made an unsuccessful attempt to steer the dog off the busy roadway. Later, more cars came to the rescue as the pup continued to run. Eventually, a good Samaritan was able to get hold of the dog, who ducked under Marie’s car.

“When I looked up, I saw over 20 cars that were all helping, which was extremely wholesome to see how many Staten Islanders came together as a community on a busy highway, to help one dog with an aimless destination,” Marie shared. Continuing, she added, “If it wasn’t for everyone there, it would have been a very different outcome.”

The Chihuahua initially displayed aggressive behavior but calmed down after a while. “Once I got him [the dog] in the car, he calmed down, he was shaking like a leaf,” Kaitlyn McGinley, who managed to secure the dog from underneath Marie’s car, said. “He finally sat down and relaxed, and I don’t know, it was just wild. Did not expect that to happen coming home.”

Since Bean did not have a microchip, finding his owner proved to be a difficult task for McGinley. Her husband, Harrison Ferber, later posted pictures of the pup on a Facebook page. Subsequently, the owner reached out to him, following which the dog was safely returned.

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