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Runaway Bulldog Saved by Deliver Driver on Busy Thailand Road

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A delivery driver in Thailand has gone viral for saving a runaway Bulldog on a busy highway. The heartwarming video has proven to be another reminder that not all heroes wear capes.

Delivery driver stops on busy road to rescue runaway Bulldog

According to The Independent, the delivery driver in Bangkok pulled over his motorcycle on a busy highway and rescued the seemingly lost pet Bulldog running on the road.

Dashcam footage captured the driver stopping in the middle of the road after seeing the confused pup crossing the highway. From the video, the dog seemed spooked by the fast-moving cars. Unfortunately, there was no sight of their owner at that moment. For this reason, the kind driver scooped up the dog and took him to a nearby security guard.

Thattawat Chaowalit, an onlooker who witnessed the entire rescue, said, “The dog must have escaped from its home. Luckily, the motorcycle rider stopped to save it before it could be hit by other cars. He gave it back to the guard at the village security guard.”

You can see the dog and delivery driver in the screenshot below. Watch the full video here.

Runaway Bulldog
via The Independent

As of now, it’s unclear whether the pup reunited with their owner afterward. It’s not uncommon for dogs to run away from their homes. This can be due to various reasons such as loud noise triggers, separation anxiety, mating instincts, and boredom.

Unfortunately, many runaway dogs get knocked down by cars, or end up stolen and taken in as bait dogs. Thankfully, there are precautions you can take to prevent your beloved canine friend from running away from home.

These include investing in a proper fence for your yard, fixing escape gaps underneath your fence, spaying or neutering your dog, and providing them with adequate exercise opportunities.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to microchip your pup, if you haven’t already. A microchip will make it easier for you to be reunited with them if they ever run away from home.


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