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Resue Dog Finds a Home After Almost 2 Years


Kent County’s unofficial resident rescue dog Blimplie, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix has found a forever home after spending almost 2 years at the shelter. The four-legged companion first came to the shelter in March 2022 and was recently adopted by Shawn Boomers.

A feature piece led to the rescue dog finding a home

Blimpie was found near the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital with his leash still infact. The rescue dog either ran away from home, or was likely abandoned by his previous family. After he arrived at the shelter, it became his semi-permanant home having spent a total of 523 days there.

WoodTV‘s feature coverage of Blimpie’s time at the shelter, helped the rescue dog find a home. The article, which led Shawn Boomers to him noted that the 5-year-old dog hadn’t left Kent County since he arrived. According to the report, he was never adopted nor fostered apart from a sleepover once.

The article published in May 2023 noted that the canine companion was “mouthy” when over-excited and didn’t know how to express himself appropriately. Heather Hughesian, a volunteer coordinator described the pet as “confident” and “energetic.”

Hughesian further noted that he likes to sniff and investigate, but that his favorite thing in the world are tennis balls, however, it may take Blimpie a little bit of time to open up to new people. However, once he does, he will think of them as his “best friends.”

Boomers spoke to WoodTV about taking home the rescue dog from the shelter and called Blimpie “cute.” He stated that he initally went to meet his now-pet for 10 minutes, but stayed for over an hour. The new pet parent added that the people at Kent County were surprised that he came back for Blimpie. The dog has now become a couch potato and a fan of the Detroit Lions, according to Boomers. “He likes to watch the Detroit Lions with me. He’ll just lay there, Boomers said. “He’s (also) very cuddly. He likes his cuddles.”


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