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Resilient Stray Dog Found Alive With Bullet Intact in Cheek

In a heart-wrenching encounter on Christmas Day, a dog was brought to the Charleston Animal Society with a bullet lodged in his cheek, as per WCBD News 2. A compassionate Good Samaritan discovered the dog, Hachi, on the streets of North Charleston, South Carolina.  

The dog, an Akita Mix, received medical treatment at the Charleston Animal Society, as ABC 15 News reports. Aldwin Roman, who works at the rescue, recounted the incident. He said, “When we were bringing him in, he had a lump on his cheek.” During surgery, veterinarians carefully probed the wound and found a bullet lodged in Hachi’s cheek. 

Dog faced no further medical issues following surgery

According to Roman, “We get all sorts of medical cases … And often, dogs that have been shot — there’s significant trauma. When bullets hit bone, it shatters it.”

Thankfully, this stray dog’s situation wasn’t as bad.

Roman explained, “It hadn’t hit anything. Hit any bone, hadn’t shattered anything.” Continuing, he added, “It was literally just under the skin.”

Once the bullet was removed successfully, Hachi didn’t present with any indications of infection or additional medical complications. 

Roman expressed they were confused about the miraculous situation. In his words, “This is kind of the first time I’ve seen anything like this. With a bullet that’s completely intact.”

Additionally, the rescue is still in the dark about whether Hachi suffered from animal abuse or if the whole thing was merely an unfortunate accident. 

Hachi is in search of a new home

No owner has stepped forward to claim Hachi. In light of this, Hachi is now available for adoption, and the process of finding a loving home for him has begun. 

Roman stated, “Our goal is that animals always get to go home with their families. But if not, we hope we can adopt him out and find him a new home.”

Interested pet parents can adopt Hachi from the shelter at 2455 Remount Road in North Charleston. Moreover, in order to help dogs like Hachi who are under the care of Charleston Animal Society, the organization is continuing to accept online donations.

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