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Rescued Samoyed Walks Red Carpet at Cannes

A rescued Samoyed named Felicity made her grand debut at the world’s leading film festival earlier this week. Saved by an animal rights group from certain death, this lucky dog was one of the festival’s brightest stars.

Samoyed rescued from dog meat trade shines at Cannes Film Festival

Julia de Cadenet, an activist lawyer, founded NoToDogMeat in 2011 after witnessing first-hand the horrors of the meat trade. The London-based animal welfare group’s mission is to bring global attention to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival which takes place annually in June. The estimated number of consumed dogs ranges in the thousands. Its most significant recorded number was 10,000. The number has declined in recent years, which some credit due to work from activists and social media campaigns.

Started in 2009, the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival takes place each year in Yulin, Guangxi, China. The festival gained global attention for its treatment of dogs, many of whom are reported to be stolen pets. Graphic images of the festival circulate each year as activists raise awareness regarding the event. One such image shared by the Daily Mail shows Felicity before her rescue. Once “strung up by her tail,” the Samoyed now lives her days in leisure.

Animal rights group works to end the dog meat trade

NoToDogMeat first premiered a short film on the dog meat trade in South Korea at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Using footage of cruelty obtained by an activitst from the International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA), this was the first time the dog and cat meat trade was exposed so publicly. Still a supporter of the cause, the Cannes Film Festival invited the Samoyed starlet to the event to help raise awareness.

Known for its displays of fashion by celebrities and actors, Felicity also stepped on the Cannes red carpet in a special gown. Designed by NoToDogMeat volunteer Michelle Parker, Felicity sported a second-hand prom gown hand stitched with sequins. Intricate satin roses cascaded along the garment.

Felicity was saved by NoToDogMeat and has since spent her days living in London. The rescued Samoyed’s special appearance brought attention to the group’s work. Along with Cadenet, Felicity walked the red carpet. The dressed-up duo made an important point of conversation regarding the mission to end the dog meat trade. You can learn more about NoToDogMeat’s mission here.

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