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Rescued Puppy ‘Smoky’ Adopted by Firefighter in Oregon


A 16-pound puppy rescued from a burning house in Oregon three weeks ago has found a forever home, and the adopter is none other than a firefighter who “fell in love” with him. The dog, now named Smoky, sustained severe burns from the fire, and it’s a miracle that he survived.

Firefighter adopts puppy rescued from burning home

After the fire crew removed Smoky from the burning home, as per PEOPLE, he was taken to the South Coast Humane Society for specialized treatment and veterinary care.

Unfortunately for Smoky, the massive inferno left him with drastic burns on various parts of his body, most notably on his face, feet, and back. Thankfully, his arrival at the Humane Society kick-started his road to recovery.

In a lengthy post shared on Facebook, the Humane Society revealed that Smoky’s healing journey encompassed “lots of intensive care, multiple cold baths, applying medicated salve, wound management and skin removal, and lots of love!”

As Smoky continued to recover at the shelter, a fire marshal who facilitated the rescue took it upon herself to look for potential adopters for the lovely pup.

Eventually, the fire marshal’s search for an ideal adopter ended after a firefighter friend expressed interest in adopting him, adding that he “fell in love” with Smoky. Interestingly, the firefighter and his wife visited Smoky several times while he was recovering at the shelter, and the trio bonded pretty well.

Given that Smoky had made significant progress in his recovery, the shelter knew it was time for him to go home with his new family. This past weekend, the couple officially adopted the fully house-trained, crate-trained pup, and it’s nothing short of a happy ending.

Firefighter plans to teach children fire safety with canine’s help

Smoky’s new firefighter owner has big plans for the pup. He intends to train Smoky on the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” fire safety technique so that together, they’ll be at the forefront of school district presentations educating children about this life-changing technique.


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