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Rescue Dog Becomes a Foster Mom After Her Own Puppies Die

A North Carolina rescue dog who lost her puppies after birth has become a foster mom to five newborn puppies birthed by another dog. The rescue dog now gets to showcase her great mothering skills to another group of neonatal pups who desperately need that motherly love.

Resilient Raleigh rescue dog fosters 5 puppies after losing 3 of her own

The Triangle Beagle Rescue in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently took in a new mom dog — a Beagle named Honey — whom they rescued in Kentucky. Honey had given birth to four adorable puppies, as reported by CBS17 News. Unfortunately, three of the puppies later died, leaving Honey with only one pup to look after.

However, this huge loss turned out to lie at the beginning of a much more heartwarming story.

Around the time when Honey’s puppies died, a North Carolina-based veterinarian contacted the Triangle Beagle Rescue with a special request. The vet explained he had five newborn puppies who “desperately needed help.”

It’s unclear whether the mother to these five pups had died or rejected her offspring. Nonetheless, the rescue knew the little ones urgently needed the nutrition and care from a mother dog. Immediately, they thought of Honey and they figured it would be worth a try to introduce her to the litter of puppies.

So the newborn puppies were brought to the rescue center with the hopes that Honey would show an interest in nursing them as her own. Thankfully, everything turned out just as the shelter and vet had hoped. Honey took in all the pups and is now fostering them by herself, not forgetting her surviving puppy.

Thanks to Honey, the newborn pups now feed on good colostrum-rich breastmilk, experience a mother’s tender love and warmth daily, and have someone to teach them good canine manners. Triangle Beagle Rescue said Honey will care for the puppies until they get old enough for adoption.

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