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Raising the Woof: FunnyFuzzy’s Premium Dog Products

Written by aslmad.yaz

Dog lovers rejoice! There’s finally a pet lifestyle brand that prioritizes style, comfort, and durability in the design of their premium dog products: FunnyFuzzy. From dog car seats that prioritize safety and functionality to plush couch covers that protect your newest piece of statement furniture, FunnyFuzzy’s product choices will delight both the most fashion-forward and practical among us. What’s more, the price point of even their highest-end offerings won’t break the bank. So, while your pooch is cruising in comfortable luxury in a First Class Dog Car Seat Bed or lounging at home in an adorable Dog Bed – Donut, you can feel good about your purchase. Your dog sure will!

What’s different about FunnyFuzzy’s dog products? What makes them worth the money?

FunnyFuzzy’s dog products are created by pet lovers for pet parents who truly seek to provide their pups with aesthetically pleasing products crafted with premium materials. Out with the old and banal, in with the snazzy, modern, comfort-forward designs guests will complement and dogs will love.

Product range

While the company offers a diverse range of product options, FunnyFuzzy knows its market niche. So, while there are a few toys for sale, FunnyFuzzy sticks to what it knows best. This results in higher-quality offerings for consumers you can’t find comparable options for anywhere else. Whether you need a couch cover, dog car seat, pet blanket, or orthopedic and anti-anxiety calming dog bed, FunnyFuzzy has a specialized product to meet the unique needs of you and your furry friend.

Durability and quality

FunnyFuzzy dog products are built to last. Many of the couch covers, dog beds, and car seats are made with waterproof Oxford fabric. Nearly all feature non-skid bottoms. Zippers on products with removable or washable elements appear well protected. What’s more, the stitching on items is solid and of high quality.

Shiba Inu dog in a first class dog car seat travel carrier, a FunnyFuzzy Dog product.
(Photo Credit: FunnyFuzzy)

Style and design

FunnyFuzzy dog products come in a delightful array of colors and styles to suit both your taste and your dog’s needs. Whether your dog is small or large, a snoozer or hyperactive athlete, a puppy or senior, there are great options. Moreover, the materials are both functional and fashionable. Even better, the products are easy to clean.

Do dogs actually like FunnyFuzzy products?

The short answer is yes, dogs enthusiastically choose FunnyFuzzy dog products.

How do I know? Well, I’m a proud millennial dog mom to two senior rescue pups. While it’s not my whole personality, I’ll admit it’s a pretty outsized part of it. That said, I’ve spent an embarrassing percentage of my disposable income on my dogs. Some products fail to pass muster, but that’s not the case with offerings from FunnyFuzzy.

In fact, both my Schnoodle and Terrier mix are often spotted taking naps in their favorite FunnyFuzzy dog products. In truth, I’d spend all day in one of those beds too if I wanted to splurge on FunnyFuzzy’s human-sized dog bed … and I still might.

FunnyFuzzy’s dog car seats and travel carrier products

Hit the road often? If so, you should invest in your pup’s safety. Whether you are looking for a lightweight option for a small dog or a car seat that can accommodate a larger pup or even several pets, FunnyFuzzy has durable travel beds to suit both your budget and the size of your backseat.

Have big dogs or senior pups? FunnyFuzzy offers larger dog car seats with waterproof options

Having older dogs, my top pick is the waterproof Travel Bolster Safety Medium Large Dog Car Back Seat Bed. It comfortably fits both my tiny dogs, possessing three seatbelts and a plush cushion. With a nonstick bottom, it stays in place even if the terrain is a bit bumpy. Even so, the unmatched safety features include multiple options for securing the dog car seat. This is ideal whether you can place it in the backseat or need to utilize the cargo and trunk area. It’s heavy-duty and can double as a dog bed. What’s more, it has a 360-degree-unobstructed view allowing increased airflow and ventilation for your pet. It’s a dog bed worth the splurge and will undoubtedly last for a long time, allowing countless miles of memorable vacations to be shared with you and your best buds.

Collie dog in a FunnyFuzzy medium large travel bolster dog car seat bed product in a backseat of a vehicle.
(Photo Credit: FunnyFuzzy)

FunnyFuzzy’s best product option for traveling with smaller dogs

I love the preppy look and lightweight feel of FunnyFuzzy’s Dog Car Seat Bed – First Class in blue stripe. While the standard comes in viscose fabric — and I’m somewhat concerned it may stain if there are any unfortunate accidents — it does boast double-sided, pillowy fabric, which my dog Goldie seems to love. Gratefully, if need be, the cover can come off and be thrown in the wash. This is a sigh of relief if your dog is one of the breeds prone to motion sickness.

This line of dog car seats comes with both one- and two-seat options, as well as some waterproof fabric designs. In comparison to the larger travel bolster dog car seat bed, this product seems better suited for smaller pups. As such, one of my favorite features is that you can keep your dog seatbelted and carry them from the car to the house in this FunnyFuzzy dog product. My only wish was that the arm straps were padded for carrying convenience. Additional support would reinforce the weight of the dogs when the carrier is being used to physically transport pets.

Without a doubt, if you’re traveling for a weekend, this dog car seat is ideal. The product is relatively compact and can double as a bed at your short-term lodgings. For dogs who are anxious travelers, this can add a degree of familiarity and comfort when they’re away from home.

FunnyFuzzy’s dog beds epitomize artful canine comfort

FunnyFuzzy’s dog products check all of the boxes.

When choosing a dog bed, top of mind is likely the size of your breed and how your pup will fit in their new resting spot. Next, you prioritize comfort — from plush padding to thick foam features — and support. This is especially true in the case of dogs needing orthopedic options.

If you’re a practical shopper, you’ll want to ensure the dog bed is made from high-quality, durable, tear-proof materials. Reinforced, covered zippers are a plus. Being able to easily wipe down the surface or deconstruct it to throw in the wash is a crucial feature. Not to mention, fuss-free reassembly is the dream.

While dogs are not able to see every color of the rainbow, we know not everything is blue, yellow, or shades of grey. As such, consumers often have style, color palette, pattern, and design preferences when it comes to matching their home’s interior aesthetics. Whereas many dog products of the past seemingly did not prioritize coming in a range of colors and designs, FunnyFuzzy corners the market in this area.

FunnyFuzzy tartan cozy anti-anxiety dog bed.
(Photo Credit: FunnyFuzzy)

If you’re looking for anti-anxiety and calming features — with the added benefit of supportive ergonomic foam side walls — look no further than FunnyFuzzy’s Festive Classic Tartan Cozy Dog Anti-Anxiety Calming Bed. The interior boasts lush, dreamy plush fabric that is visually pleasing and — if you ask my dog — a design win.

More interested in an orthopedic option that relieves joint stress and protects your dog’s spine? Check out FunnyFuzzy’s Dog Bed – Donut. Premium cotton fleece and velveteen in chic, modern colors offer sophisticated comfort. The washable cover zips off, exposing the waterproof cover which protects the thick foam support. At any price point, the product is a bargain.

FunnyFuzzy’s couch covers

Their couch covers — many of which are anti-scratch and non-slip — offer fun, funky, and even elegant fabric options for what’s practically pennies on the dollar. If you’ve ever had to reupholster a custom velvet loveseat, you’ll see FunnyFuzzy’s pieces as the easiest investments you’ll make to preserve the lifespan of your home’s decor.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of changing up your space on the regular, their understated herringbone chenille fabric furniture protector can easily be swapped out for an all-season fun floral fit. Either way, you’ll reduce the likelihood of your couch harboring mites or other bacteria. In doing so, you’ll create a cleaner, safer space for everyone in your home.

Whether you have a fabric or leather couch, FunnyFuzzy’s couch covers will be a welcome and stylish addition to your living room. To clean up dog fur or hair on the product, simply go over it with your vacuum brush attachment. Then toss the whole thing in the washing machine. Easy peasy!

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