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Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Are Reportedly Still Grieving


The late Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved Corgis are still in the grieving process according to The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. The queen’s former daughter-in-law, commonly referred to as “Fergie,” co-hosted “This Morning” on Nov. 20, and discussed how the dogs have been since she adopted them after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

“There are two corgis that came, big Muick and Sandy,” she explained to dog trainer Graeme Hall (via The Independent). “And big Muick is very, very, very demonstrative, he had his tail down to begin with and then now, a year later … he’s just beginning now to really enjoy [himself].”

She added that Muick requires extra attention. “He’s just sort of putting himself in the way so when I go to pat one dog, he comes straight in the way,” she said.

Hall explained this was a natural process as the queen’s death was “a big deal” for her dogs. “You’re losing the person that you’ve been with – mum. And then you find yourself in a different place. So you’ve almost got two problems at once, there,” he said.

Although Hall stated we know dog’s grieve, “we don’t fully understand it because we can’t chat to them over a cup of coffee.”


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