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Puppy Dies of Severe Burns From Boiling Water

In Atlanta, an 11-week-old puppy has died due to severe burns covering her entire body. Earlier this week, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue was alerted by an animal hospital about a badly injured puppy. Named Elsie by her rescuers, the puppy was found with extensive burns across her body.

11-week-old puppy dies of severe burns

Jackie Spett, the organization’s Director of Development and Marketing, recounted the grim condition of the puppy. According to Spett, veterinarians suspected the injuries resulted from boiling water. Disturbingly, the owners had kept Elsie for a week before surrendering her to the animal hospital, from where Angels Among Us Pet Rescue took over her care on Wednesday.

Elsie’s journey of recovery captured the hearts of many on Facebook, drawing attention from thousands of followers. Spett emphasized their mission to give animals like Elsie a chance to fight for their lives. “We want to give them a fighting chance,” Spett said. The 11-week-old puppy, donning a pink full-body cast in photos, showed signs of normalcy and affection, giving hope to her caretakers.

By Friday, it seemed Elsie was making significant progress towards recovery. However, her condition deteriorated rapidly on Saturday morning as she became septic and ultimately could not continue her fight for life.

This isn’t an isolated incident, according to Spett, who has witnessed numerous similar cases since joining Angels Among Us in 2011. “I mean, people are shocked that this is happening all around them, but it’s happening every day.” Spett said. The team was informed that Animal Control is investigating Elsie’s case.

Elsie managed to survive until Saturday, partly thanks to a crucial blood transfusion — per WRDW. Spett encouraged pet owners to consider donating, as it could help save lives. Despite the profound sadness following Elsie’s death, Spett remains focused on helping other animals in need, aware that there will always be more requiring their help and intervention.

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