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Puppy Bowl XX Returns in 2024 With 130+ Adoptable Dogs

The Puppy Bowl is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, as reported by Courier Journal. It will feature an unprecedented 131 dogs from 73 shelters across the country. Due to this, Puppy Bowl XX is being dubbed the “Most Adorable Puppy Bowl Ever.”

As per UPI, the pup-tacular event is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 11. People can enjoy this fun TV special from home at 2 p.m. EST on various channels, including Animal Planet, Discovery, TBS, truTV, Max, and Discovery+. 

The dogs participating in the Puppy Bowl are divided into Team Fluff and Team Ruff. Subsequently, they engage in activities like chasing, fetching, and playing on a unique football-themed field. 

Dogs also have non-player roles in Puppy Bowl XX

This Puppy Bowl will have the cutest assistant referees this season. Puppies will take on significant non-player positions for the first time, according to Courier Journal.

Dan Schachner is a former NFL referee. For the past 13 years, Schachner has overseen the competition. He’s also the foster parent of a Bichon Frisé, or Poodle mix, named Whistle. This year, Whistle will be filling the shoes of an assistant referee and joining his dog dad for the big game on the big screen.

All that said, Whistle and other mutts performing in this capactiy are not always diligent regarding their jobs. In Schachner’s words, “Whistle is terrible at calling penalties and instilling respect from the players. She gets walked over, sometimes literally.” He adds, “But she sure is cute.”

Four dogs will return for the 20th anniversary

Over the past two decades, the Puppy Bowl has showcased more than 1,400 puppies aged 3 to 6 months. Most of the pups have found loving homes through the heartwarming spectacle. 

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Schachner remarks, “It’s astounding to consider two decades. In dog years, that’s equivalent to two lifetimes.”

To honor the milestone, Puppy Bowl XX will introduce a special element — the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame. Consequently, four notable dogs from past events, including the “standout Bubba” from the 2015 edition, now a 9-year-old, will be inducted into this distinguished group.

Schachner notes, “When you go back and look at our old-timers, they’re fully grown adults and sometimes senior dogs … It’s pretty incredible to see the passing of time.”

Puppy Bowl XX will have special needs puppies

The program will feature Sweetpea, a 1.7-pound Cavapoo, as the smallest pup of all time, and Levi, a 70-pound Great Dane, as the largest.

Moreover, the contest will introduce six puppies with special needs. One of which is a
Pug Terrier named Riddle. Riddle suffers from a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. Another special needs canine is Mr. Bean, who is a two-legged Papillon. 

All of these Puppy Bowl puppies are available to adopt. However, their undeniable charm makes them highly sought after, and many have already found forever homes. 

Schachner explains, “We’re transparent about that. Our goal is to find them their forever home.” Continuing, he says, “Seven have been adopted by the crew, which is a record, from a show editor to the network president.”

In addition, Puppy Bowl XX will see sportscasters Steve Levy and Taylor Rooks making a comeback to deliver commentary on the entire game. They will also bring back beloved features, including “the slo-mo cam, the water-bowl cam, and kitten spectators in the Temptations Sky Box.”

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