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Puppies Dumped in Bog Make Healthy Recovery Thanks to Charity


A disturbing trend has come to light since Christmas. Animal shelters have been struggling with a surge in pet surrenders. Amidst this, two Pitbull puppies have become a symbol of this trend as they fight for recovery. 

Pitbull crossbreed puppies found dumped in a bog

Two skinny Pitbull crossbreed puppies were found dumped in a bog near Doadea, Co Kildare, in Ireland. A kind individual rescued them and brought them to Dogs Trust Ireland. Thanks to the person and the charity, the pups are now receiving care and making a healthy recovery. 

Sandra Ruddell, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland, described the situation of the abandoned pets. In her words, “The sight of these two, defenseless little pups with their bones protruding broke my heart.”

High dog surrender requests cause concern

This incident shines a light on the growing issue of pet abandonment, especially during post-holiday periods. Shelters often face overwhelming capacity after the holidays. As a matter of fact, Dog Trust has faced a tidal wave of 412 surrender requests since Christmas. 

The most commonly cited reasons for wanting to relinquish a dog into their care are owners citing a lack of time, accommodation constraints, and the manifestation of unwanted behaviors.

Ruddell said, “We know there is very little rescue space available at the moment by the sheer volume of dogs we are being asked to take in.” Continuing, she added, “But we are begging people not to abandon their dogs, especially young puppies who have very little chance of survival if not discovered quickly.”

Additionally, Corina Fitzsimons, PR & Communications Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland, expresses her distress over the rising trend of dog abandonment. She highlighted the evident lack of essential love and care in the early lives of these puppies. Her concerns extend to the well-being of their mother and any potential siblings left behind. 

Moreover, the charity received 3,968 requests for sheltering their dogs in the previous year. The most commonly cited reasons for this, according to the owners, were a lack of time, accommodation constraints, and the manifestation of unwanted behaviors.

Although the charity managed to find homes for 1,042 dogs, it has voiced worry about facing greater challenges in 2024 due to a shortage of resources.


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