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Pup Gives Perfect Response to TikTok ‘Dogs Should Not Sleep in the Bed’ Video


The video of a dog snoring loudly in bed despite the owner initially sharing that dogs shouldn’t sleep in their owner’s bed has left the internet in stitches. The viral clip has launched other dogs to social media stardom, with many dog owners now taking to TikTok to show their dogs defying the “dogs should not sleep in the bed” command.

Dog owners’ hilarious responses to “Dogs should not sleep in the bed” video

The original TikTok video — which has received more than 6 million views so far — is a close-up of a dog in deep sleep while he gives off a loud, guttural snore without a care in the world. Undoubtedly, the hilarious clip can make even the grumpiest person chuckle, given that the owner clearly instructed that dogs shouldn’t be in their owner’s bed.

This dog, in particular, seems to be enjoying his sleep from his owner’s bed, a classic case of how our canine friends sometimes do the opposite of what we tell them not to.

Nearly 24,000 people commented on the funny clip.

One TikTok user wrote: “Homie is sleeping AT LEAST 8 hours tonight.” Another person agreed, adding: “Because he was really busy today with his 9-5 (of naps).”

Someone else, obviously in support of the dog’s “defiance,” typed: “I WILL LET THEM SLEEP WHEREVER THEY PLEASE.”

A fourth user commented: “I’ll never get why people don’t like pets in beds, it’s so comforting.”

Another joked: “My dog thinks my bed is his at this point.”

Going by the comment section, it’s clear that many dog owners do not mind sharing their beds overnight with their furry friends.

Experts, however, hold a different opinion. Veterinarians insist it’s best if dog owners maintain pet-free sleeping spaces. The risks of letting your dog sleep in your bed outweigh the advantages. For instance, a dog may get injured as they jump in and out of bed, or bring parasites such as fleas to their owner’s bed.


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