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Pregnant Dog With Dead Puppy Hanging Out of Uterus Abandoned


A pregnant dog is recovering in Detroit, Michigan, after a cruel and horrific abandonment. Thanks to the warm hearts of nonprofit rescue workers, the abandoned pregnant dog will live to see another day – though her puppies will not.

Pregnant dog found abandoned on roadside

According to CBS News, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue received a call about an abandoned pregnant dog. The dog was left near Southfield Freeway on the side of Eight Mile Road. She was in a bin, a dead puppy hanging out of her uterus.

Rescue workers rushed the dog to a veterinary hospital, where staff performed emergency surgery on her. Because of the swift and heroic efforts of all involved, the dog survived. However, her five unborn puppies died.

The rescue, which specializes in helping sick and injured dogs across the city of Detroit, said the dog is “doing great.” Staff named her Minnie.

In a Facebook post about Minnie’s ordeal, the Detroit Pit Crew encouraged donations for the dog’s care.

As of this writing, the nonprofit had raised $2,605 from 53 donors. You can donate on Facebook, Detroitpitcrew.com, or via the organization’s Venmo account @Detroitpitcrew.

The organization also surmised in the comments section that Minnie was the result of backyard breeding.

“We wish that these backyard breeders could be shut down,” the nonprofit wrote. “They are breeding and dumping dogs faster than we can rescue them.”

What to do if you find a pregnant dog

If you encounter a stray pregnant dog, it’s crucial to act responsibly and compassionately. First, ensure your safety and approach cautiously. The dog may be scared or defensive. Provide food and water if possible. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises.

As soon as possible, contact your local animal control or a nearby animal rescue organization for assistance. They can assess the dog’s condition and provide appropriate care or find a foster home. Remember, pregnant strays are vulnerable and may require medical attention.

Lastly, this situation highlights the importance of spaying and neutering dogs to prevent unwanted litters. Responsible pet ownership means reducing the number of strays and ensuring a better life for all animals.


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