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Police Rescue Puppy Being Swapped for Drugs in Dublin


Police in Dublin, Ireland, rescued a tiny puppy from being traded as part of a drug deal exchange, reports say. Fortunately, the 4-week-old Lurcher puppy is fairing well, thanks to the intervention of an animal rescue center.

4-week-old puppy rescued from being part of a drug deal

According to the Irish Independent, the incident occurred on Monday, Mar. 4, at around 5:40 p.m. Officers on duty spotted the exchange and without wasting time, sprung into action, in accordance with Ireland’s Animal Health and Welfare Act. Once they seized the puppy, they contacted the My Lovely Horse Rescue team, who rushed to pick up the poor pup.

Martina Kenny, the rescue’s co-founder, shared, “The guards got in touch with us, and then we went down and got her.”

CorkBeo News reported the pup was shaking excessively after being rescued, prompting the officers to take her to the station first to get her warmed up.

Kenny told the news outlet they are now caring for the puppy, whom they’ve named Annabel. She also clarified they won’t put Annabel for adoption since she is still too young.

“She’s only about four weeks old so she’s not up for adoption yet. She’s got a little way to go,” Kenny explained. Continuing, the co-founder added, “She’s on puppy milk and puppy food, and she’s doing well after being with the vet yesterday.”

Further, Kenny expressed concern with the fact that there are cruel people treating innocent animals as commodities. In a statement, she said, “It’s scary. Animals don’t stand a chance in this country.”

Investigations into the incident are ongoing. As of now, it remains unclear whether authorities have arrested the suspects involved in the sickening drug deal.

According to Ireland’s Animal Health and Welfare Act, violating the provisions of this act can attract penalties of up to €250,000 and a 5-year prison sentence, depending on the severity of the offence.


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