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Police Offer $10,000 Reward for Info on Pit Bull Found Dead


Police in Coventry, Connecticut, have announced a $10,000 reward for anyone with information on the killer of a female Pit Bull. The assailant dumped the deceased animal in a plastic bin on the side of the road. Initially, authorities thought the dog died of gunshot wounds. However, they later confirmed that the emaciated Pit Bull’s demise was a result of “other traumatic injuries.”

Investigation finds Pit Bull was not shot to death as previously reported

Coventry Police recently cleared the conflicting information regarding the cause of the dog’s death. Coventry Police, as reported by The Register Citizen, said in a statement: “We felt that it was important to correct the previous information but this additional information is no less disturbing.”

According to the news outlet, a veterinary technician discovered the deceased dog on March 2. The individual was walking along that route at the time. Authorities say the dark, gray-colored Pit Bull appeared to weigh between 50–55 pounds and had cropped ears.

Moreover, police established the Pit Bull had given birth to puppies. After that someone killed and threw her in a bin behind a guardrail, as per NBC Connecticut reporting.

Commenting on the veterinary technician’s horrific discovery, Michelle Krukoff, a Coventry police officer, shared: “She stopped to check, because she said that she thought maybe somebody dumped some kittens.” Continuing, Officer Krukoff added, “When she stopped to look, she came across the deceased dog and called us.”

Krukoff condemned the dog’s killing and appealed to anyone with information to come forward.

“For anybody to be able to do this to an animal, is very disturbing,” Krukoff said in a statement. Furthermore, the officer said she believes “the suspect more than likely told somebody,” and hopes “that person does the right thing and comes forward with the information.”

$10,000 reward offered for more information on dog’s death

To help with the investigations, Desmond’s Army, an animal advocate group in Connecticut, has put forth a hefty reward of $10,000. The money will be given to anyone who will provide information that will lead to the arrest of the person behind the dog’s brutal death.


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