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Police Hunting Down Trio Who Shot Dog Dead


Police in Boston are in hot pursuit of three men involved in the shooting and killing of a dog in an apartment building, CBS News reports.

The deadly incident happened on Oct. 19, shortly after 4 p.m., inside the building located at 279 Centre Street in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

This past Monday, Nov. 13, authorities released a photo of the three wanted suspects and their car to the public after reviewing video surveillance footage near the crime scene. Boston police are appealing to witnesses or tipsters to come forward with any information that could lead to an arrest.  

American Bully dog killed inside Boston apartment building

According to a news release from NBC Boston, the dog — a 1-year-old American Bully — was shot near the entrance of the building. 

The heartbroken dog owner — who preferred not to speak on camera — told NBC News that she had just gotten off an elevator onto the fifth floor with her pet. As they were walking to her apartment, they heard a gunshot.

Her pooch, terrified of the noise, dashed down the stairs away from her floor. It was then that the dog owner heard the remaining two shots go off before the suspects fled the scene.

Immediately, she grabbed her dog and rushed back to her apartment, not knowing the animal had been shot. The woman realized it once her child pointed it out after the pair entered the residence.

Sadly, the American Bully — whom she had just brought home prior to the shooting — died in her arms.

While speaking to NBC News, a neighbor, who also heard the gunshots, described the incident as “terrible.” She also expressed concern over the frequent shootings in the area.  

Unfortunately, the dog owner stated she did not see whoever fatally shot her canine. Officers who responded to the reported shooting recovered two bullet fragments and shell casings from the scene.

Detectives are still trying to establish possible motives for the shooting. They are urging members of the public to submit any information that could help locate the suspects — or their vehicle — by calling the phone number 617-343-5628


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