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Police Dog Stabbed in Las Vegas, Airlifted to Hospital


In Las Vegas, a police dog named Enzo found himself on the receiving end of multiple stab wounds during a law enforcement operation. The 3-year-old Belgian Malinois has been serving with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) for about a year. The dog was critically injured while responding to a standoff situation with officers on Friday. Following the altercation, authorities airlifted Enzo to a veterinary trauma hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Police dog stabbed multiple times with knife after standoff in Nevada

The incident took place when the LVMPD responded to a barricade situation on the 1200 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard involving a suicidal man. The situation quickly escalated as officers on the scene learned that the man, armed with a knife, refused to vacate the premises. Furthermore, the man ignited a fire within the apartment, compounding the emergency and leading to the classification of the situation as a barricade.

SWAT teams arrived to manage the situation — as per PEOPLE. Eventually, the man emerged from the building, wielding a knife and posing an immediate threat to the officers present. In an attempt to subdue him, officers deployed non-lethal options, including the release of K9 Enzo. During the ensuing confrontation, the suspect managed to inflict multiple stab wounds on Enzo. Despite the dog’s injuries, the police successfully arrested the assailant.

The man involved in the standoff also sustained self-inflicted stab wounds during the incident. Authorities subsequently took him into custody, and reports indicate that he is in critical but stable condition at the UMC Trauma Center.

Enzo, despite his injuries, has shown remarkable resilience. Following surgery, updates from the LVMPD via social media showed Enzo on the mend, capturing hearts with his brave stare into the camera while lying on the surgical table. Further updates have provided encouraging news, stating that “Enzo is feeling better,” much to the relief of his handlers and well-wishers.


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