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Poland Shelter Sees 120 Dogs Adopted Amid Urgent Appeal

An animal shelter in Warsaw, Poland, urgently sought help to shelter or adopt dogs during the hazardous cold, as the Associated Press reports. Subsequently, generous support came in, and many of the pups ended up in safe and warm homes. 

Recent warnings alerted Warsaw residents to an impending cold spell. The temperatures are expected to fall to 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit). 

In light of this, the KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals launched “Operation Frost” on Friday, Jan. 5. They housed around 300 dogs but didn’t have enough space to keep them all inside. As a result, many of these canines were kept in outdoor pens. So, they urged the city residents to adopt dogs or temporarily shelter them.

‘Operation Frost’ received an overwhelming response

According to People, the shelter received swift and enormous support in response to their plea. Several compassionate people braved the cold weather, waiting in a long line over the weekend. Owing to this, 120 dogs found refuge from harsh winters. Consequently, the freed-up space allowed the remaining dogs to take shelter within the facility’s interiors. 

Hence, the shelter shut down the Operation Frost campaign on Sunday following its remarkable success. Yet, there remained some individuals eager to offer warmth to animals in need. The shelter advised them to check if other nearby shelters had animals needing a safe haven during the cold spell. 

The traffic was so dense outside the shelter on Saturday that city police had to arrive to manage the situation, as per the Associated Press. Eventually, the officers also took a brown puppy called Mombaj in order to shelter the dog in their headquarters. 

Malgorzata Paletko, the shelter’s deputy manager, talked about trying their best to match the right person with the right dog. She is hopeful about a few of the dogs finding their forever homes.

In a similar case in Pennsylvania, the SPCA in Adams County posted on Facebook, sharing their facility stood “empty for the first time in 47 years.” Their staff had worked diligently to find homes for 598 animals in 2023.

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