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Pit Bull Hit by Car Loses Leg, Becomes Therapy Dog

A three-legged dog in Massachusetts is on her way to becoming a therapy dog, and her owner couldn’t be more proud. Betty, a Pit Bull Mix, will soon be making the most of her second chance at life by being a source of comfort to others. Although a tragic accident took her leg, it did not take away the life-changing role destined for her.

Three-legged Pit Bull mix nearly euthanized after accident now training to become therapy dog

According to News10 ABC, Betty got hit by a car in Georgia sometime back and suffered a broken leg. Nurse Kathy Hynes, who’s now Betty’s current owner, told the news outlet she came across a Facebook post detailing the pup’s tragic ordeal.

She learned that the 2-year-old was set to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Saddened by this news, Nurse Hynes decided to bring Betty to Massachusetts for treatment and care. Unfortunately, veterinarians had no choice but to amputate her front leg, which was in pretty bad shape.

“With the amount of shatter and bone fragments, she would probably have a lot of pain down the road in a year or two, and it just would not be fair to her,” Hynes explained. “That is why they had to amputate her front right leg.”

Two months after the traumatic event, the three-legged pup had made remarkable progress in her recovery. “They heal very nicely. They adjust, and they adapt,” Hynes stated. Betty is now a part of Hynes’ family.

The Massachusetts-based nurse shared how amazed she was that Betty adapted well to life without one front leg.

“Once she got here, she was a little hesitant walking out the back doorsteps. So, I set up a little ramp for her. After she used it a few times, now she’s hopping down the steps.”

Hynes said she will enroll Betty at an obedience school so she can become a “credentialed working dog.” As for Hynes, her goal is to train as a Psychiatric Mental Health practitioner so that Betty becomes her right-hand therapy dog.

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