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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Welcomes New Dog Into Family


While Ree Drummond is technically an empty nester, her home is anything but unoccupied. The Pioneer Woman (as she’s known professionally) has a house full of fur babies — and now there’s a new dog running with the pack!

Ree Drummond announces arrival of new dog

The homemaking mogul announced the arrival of a new four-legged family member on Instagram. The seemingly mixed-breed pup is named Shelby, and she has an ear-esistible quirk.

“Meet Shelby. She’s all ears,” reads the text on the introductory video of Drummond’s new canine companion. In the clip, which features Shelby surrounded by her four-legged siblings, only Shelby’s right ear perks up. The left is floppy as can be. “I mean ear,” Drummond added in parentheses alongside a laughing/crying emoji.

According to People, Shelby joins a host of other pups including “lazy” Basset Hounds and “big athletic” Labrador Retrievers on Drummond’s ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

How many dogs does Drummond have? It’s hard to say. In 2021, she had seven dogs, or what she called a “porch full” of pooches, in her family.

“They set up shop on the front porch,” Drummond said. “They each have their own little bed on the front porch. They’re outdoor dogs mostly anyway, and they have a whole barn to themselves if they want to go sleep in the barn sometimes, but they hardly ever leave the porch if we’re home. It’s really funny.”

Dogs have always been a part of Drummond’s life.

“I had a Basset Hound when I was a very young child, so I have a long history with them,” the cookbook author told People. “I also get to enjoy our cowboy Josh’s dogs; he has a couple of good rescue dogs who sometimes wander down to my porch to hang with my canine crew.”

With all those fur babies running around, it’s no wonder Drummond has a line of dog treats with Purina.

The more, the merrier

Shelby isn’t the only new dog in Ree Drummond’s family. In January, Drummond’s daughter, Alex Drummond, announced on Instagram that she and her husband, Mauricio Scott, adopted a puppy.

“Our hearts will never be the same! Welcome to the fam, George,” Alex captioned a picture of Scott cuddling an adorable Golden Retriever puppy.

Ree is among Alex’s followers on the social media platform and she couldn’t stop herself from commenting on the new furry family member.

“I’m a GRANDMOTHER!!!!” Ree exclaimed.

Sir George Scott, as the pup became known, has his own Instagram account: @georgethegoldenfloof. The popular pooch boasts 65.2K followers.


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