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Philadelphia Puppy Bowl Party Brings Together Dogs and Locals


While the Super Bowl took center stage on Feb. 11., at Bark Social, the spotlight shone on the 20th annual Puppy Bowl as humans and pets gathered for a watch party at Philadelphia’s Manayunk section. 

Humans and dogs bond at the Puppy Bowl watch party in Manayunk

When most people tuned in to the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 11, some were excited for a different game – the Puppy Bowl XX. At Bark Social, a dog park, saw many pet parents and their furry companions join together to watch the showdown between Teams Fluff and Ruff on television. 

A dog mom, Melissa O’Brien, said of her dog, “Sterling loves looking at other dogs on the TV.” 

O’Brien rescued her 4-year-old furry companion from a puppy mill, and thereby, she encourages others to consider adoption as well. In her words, “I never imagined I’d find a purebred Yorkie at a rescue.” Continuing, she added, “It just goes to show that there’s a wide variety of dogs in need of loving homes.”

Additionally, Nicole Bosurgi and Derek Light have been frequenting the park since they rescued their dog, Cannoli. 

The attendees were quick to side with a team in the 2024 rendition of Puppy Bowl. Bosurgi stated, “I think we’re going with Ruff.” On the other hand, O’Brien exclaimed, “I think I’m going Fluff.” Meanwhile, Doug Bloom also sided with Team Ruff, saying, “I think Ruff is due.”

Opening its gates in April, Bark Social features a spacious outdoor turf field and extremely large dog bowls that also serve as splash zones. 

Charlene Lee, co-founder of Bark Social, noted, “Watching them have the best day ever really translates and does something to the human, too.”

In addition, ACCT Philly brought rescue dogs to the watch party, in order to secure loving, permanent homes for them. While attendees met with the canines available for adoption, team Ruff emerged victorious. 

However, numerous pet parents felt that the ultimate winners are the dogs who find their forever homes and loving owners.


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