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PETA Offers $5K Reward in Abandoned Puppies Case

PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for information on the person responsible for abandoning three puppies in the woods last week, according to a news release from the organization. A local New Jersey resident found the dogs on Nov. 29. One of them was dead, while the other two were “emaciated, dehydrated, and cold.”

Abandoned dogs found in laundry basket

Suzanne Stretch discovered the dogs after she heard one of them crying in the woods. Surprisingly, she found the pups trapped in a laundry basket, with the two who were alive “shivering and starving,” as per reporting by Action News.

Subsequently, Stretch called the police, who then took them to the shelter. She described the incident as “absolute horror” and wondered how “someone would do that to a living animal.”

“They were famished, to say the least. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible to see an animal in that shape,” Stretch added.

Puppies recovering, receiving care at shelter

At this time, the surviving puppies — Cosmo and Wanda — are in the care of the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. They’re estimated to be about 10 weeks old. Correspondingly, the shelter shared a Facebook post asking for the public’s help in finding the culprit responsible for abandoning the canines in “freezing conditions.”

“We can’t imagine how someone could intentionally leave them to die,” the post reads. “These puppies have clearly never been shown love but they came to the shelter showering staff with kisses and snuggles.”

The shelter mentioned that the puppies are currently not available for adoption. However, the facility is accepting donations to help fund the care of the puppies. Additionally, shelter staff is also accepting donations of wet and dry puppy food to nourish the canines.

PETA’s Senior Vice President Colleen O’Brien was shaken by the incident. In a statement, O’Brien said, “Someone dumped these puppies in the woods, one died, and the others were left to freeze or starve to death.” Re-iterating the importance of ending animal cruelty, she encourages swift reporting of the perpetrators. “If there are more animals in this person’s custody, they could be in grave danger,” she said. Continuing, O’Brien pleaded, “PETA urges anyone with information to come forward.”

Authorities are searching for suspects in the case. Anyone with information that could help lead to the arrest of those responsible can contact the New Jersey State Police Bridgeton Barracks at 856-451-0100.

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