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Pet-Inspired Dog Cake Deemed ‘Deranged’ & ‘Too Realistic’


A couple in Oxford, United Kingdom, was in for an unexpected surprise when they received a realistic cake replica of their cherished pet dog for their joint birthday celebration. Although the lifelike rendition of their pet left the couple in awe, they were hesitant to indulge in the uncanny creation.

Cake replica of pet dog ‘too realistic’ to cut and eat

Anna Railton and Chris Smowton, who ordered the cake, were taken aback when they received the replica of their beloved pet dog, Arthur, a Whippet, as per BBC. The couple was celebrating their birthdays, and their excitement quickly turned to amazement when they saw the astonishingly realistic cake. It also made them reluctant to cut the cake.

The remarkably realistic dessert was meticulously handmade by artisans at The Cake Shop in the Oxford Covered Market. Oxford City Council member Ms. Railton dubbed the edible masterpiece “deranged.”

In her words, “They’re too good in the Covered Market, too realistic.” Continuing, she added, “I do love a weird cake and I’ve ordered from them before – but I think maybe I went a little far this time.”

Additionally, the cake matched Arthur’s exact dimensions, who is an eight-year-old grey and white Whippet. However, the dog seemed to have no reaction upon the cake’s arrival. 

Railton noted, “I don’t think Arthur registered it, thank goodness.”

Begrudgingly, the couple had to serve the cake to their astonished guests. Railton explained, “The worst bit was the cake-cutting … I was just thinking, ‘What have I done?’”

However, The Cake Shop expressed its delight in being involved in the couple’s celebrations, stating it was “thrilled” to contribute. With over 35 years of experience in Oxford, they affirmed their cake designers’ ability to recreate anything in cake form meticulously.

The couple had decided to throw the joint party because their birthdays fall two days apart from each other.


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