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Pennsylvania Shelter Raises Funds for Injured Dog

A shelter in Pennsylvania is raising funds to help a severely injured dog, NBC affiliate WCAU News reports. Authorities found the pup in a South Coatesville home after they received a tip from a person who heard a dog “crying and yelping in pain.” Subsequently, they rushed the canine to a local veterinary hospital.

Dog sustained serious injuries to her face and leg

The Brandywine Valley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BVSPCA) shared in a news release that officers found the dog, Ava, with “a severed back leg” and “multiple injuries” to her face. She also has a “severely damaged” eye.

In addition, Ava sustained multiple fractures in her leg and ribs, along with damage to her lungs and teeth. Her back leg will need to be “surgically amputated.”

Authorities have identified a suspect and charged them with “four felony counts of aggravated cruelty charges and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect charges.”

BVSPCA is currently looking to find a medical foster to provide the canine with the “care she needs during this long road to recovery.”

“It’s a miracle Ava survived with the type of injuries she has sustained,” Adam Lamb, BVSPCA’s Chief Executive Officer, said.

Lamb added that it’s “sickening” to imagine the pain and trauma the pup had to go through and assured the shelter is doing everything they can to ensure Ava receives “the medical attention and care she needs to heal both physically and emotionally.”

Continuing, he shared, “Ava deserves more than this abuse, and we are doing everything we can to get justice for her and make sure no other animals suffer the same fate at the hands of her abuser.”

Sarah Fatula, VMD, Medical Director for VRC Specialty Hospital, described Ava as a “sweet” pup and shared that she’s been eating well.

The pup is currently recovering from her injuries at the Veterinary Referral Center (VRC) Specialty Hospital in Malvern. You can donate online to support her care.

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