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Pennsylvania Man Attacks Dog With Hatchet


Police in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, are actively searching for a man who allegedly attacked a 9-month-old dog with a hatchet, leaving her with severe injuries. According to reports, the suspect — identified as David Askew — is an ex-convict who previously served jail time for murder.

Aliquippa man facing charges after using hatchet to attack dog, splitting ear into two

According to WPXI News, the distressing incident happened on Feb. 21 in the afternoon hours. Juain Hall told the news outlet he was walking his dog, Maize, when Askew and his dog walked up to them.

Hall, who set up a GoFundMe page, said his dog and Askew’s canine stopped to sniff each other, as it is a common greeting tradition among dogs. To his horror, Askew retrieved a hatchet from his pocket and struck Maize in the head before fleeing the scene.

“He pulled his dog with the leash in one hand, pulled out the axe with the other hand, chopped her in the head and ran for no reason,’” a distraught Hall narrated.

Unfortunately, the unprovoked attack left Maize with a large cut on her head and her ear split into two. Moreover, she suffered cuts on her leg and chest. Maize was rushed to an emergency vet, who confirmed she’ll need to undergo more surgeries in the future. Reportedly, Maize also risks losing her vision.

Furthermore, the poor pup ended up losing her ear, as per CBS News.

Police investigating the incident retrieved surveillance footage of Askew fleeing the scene with his dog. A second video captured him walking his canine with the hatchet in hand.

Authorities are now in hot pursuit of Askew, whom they say failed to turn himself in on Monday, Feb. 26, as instructed. He faces multiple charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals.

Aliquippa police have requested members of the public with any information about Askew’s whereabouts to contact them.


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