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Pennsylvania Dog Stuck in Storm Drain Rescued


Firefighters in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, came to the rescue of a dog who accidentally fell and got stuck in a storm drain, WTAE News reports. 

Cece Meloy told the news outlet that on Jan. 9, her little dog, Bean, panicked and escaped from home in the middle of a storm through the backyard fence. According to Meloy, the gusty winds that day knocked down the structure.

Unfortunately, the scared pup landed in a storm drain, leaving her owner worried about her safety amidst the wintry weather. 

Upon receiving reports of the trapped dog, firefighters from the Hecla VFD Station 88 rushed to the scene. Then, one of the crew members — identified as Cody Howell — went down the drain and brought Bean to safety.   

The fire department took to social media to commend Howell for such swift, brave actions.

Meloy also expressed her gratitude to Howell and the entire crew for saving her dog’s life. She stated, “We’re just thankful for Cody and the fire departments for pulling her out safely and keeping her warm.”

In a statement, she confirmed her pup didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall. “We got her in the bath, made sure that she sat by the heat for [a] while, put her pajamas on, and she seems fine,” a relieved Meloy said. 

Expert advice to dog owners amidst harsh winter weather

With extreme winter weather conditions now upon us, it’s important to take precautions to keep your canine family members safe.

While speaking to CNN News, Dr. Dana Varble — the chief veterinary officer for the North American Veterinary Community — noted frostbite in animals occurs quite fast and is more common during winter. Furthermore, she urged pet owners to keep their canines well secured indoors and provide extra warmth.

“Tips of ears and tips of tails are hardest hit, and smaller animals are more quickly affected,” she said. “First, you’ll see the skin get pale, and ears may start to bend or curl because the tissues are being damaged.”


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