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Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato Bake Pet-Friendly Cakes for Holidays


This holiday season, Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato are whipping up some baked goodies for their four-legged companions. Both celebrities have teamed up for Lovato’s festive special on The Roku Channel. PEOPLE has an exclusive preview of Paris Hilton’s segment in the soon-to-be-aired TV event — “A Very Demi Holiday Special.”

Hilton and Lovato’s sweet holiday surprise

In the holiday special, Hilton, 42, collaborates with Lovato, 31, to bake pet-friendly cakes for their dogs. The first sneak peek from the special reveals the stars creatively decorating their vibrant cakes with mashed potato frosting.

“I love mashed potatoes,” Hilton says when Lovato informs her of this particular decorative touch. She also mulls over the idea of using it as a creative garnish for human food, remarking, “mashed potato frosting on steak would be sick.”

While adding finishing touches to their festive cakes, Hilton and Lovato bond over their shared love for their pooches. Hilton, who got a new pup in July, commented, “The lengths we are going for our dogs, this is amazing.” Lovato replied while frosting her dog-friendly cake, “My dogs are such a huge part of the family, obviously, but during the holidays, having them like open presents with us Christmas morning is really cute and sweet.”

Following the completion of their pet-themed culinary masterpieces, they decided to test them out. A subsequent clip shows Hilton and Lovato positioning themselves in front of a mini-mansion built for Hilton’s dogs. They get ready to let their pets sample the treats they have just prepared. Hilton expresses her satisfaction over their final cake decorations by saying, “I think we slayed,” and Lovato concurs, “We slayed, for sure.”

Before allowing their dogs to have a taste, Hilton and Lovato excite their pets by repeatedly uttering the word “treats.”

The video ends just as the little pups begin to approach Lovato’s cake. Viewers can find out which pet-friendly cake the dogs prefer — Hilton’s or Lovato’s — by tuning in to “A Very Demi Holiday Special” on The Roku Channel. The celebrity-filled show is set to premiere on Dec. 8.


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